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One on One Support

With 10 weeks of one on one sessions, you can deepen your sense of self worth, rebuild your independent identity, and experience greater peace of mind after divorce.  

Phoenix Rising Membership

A divorced woman’s gym membership for the heart and soul.  

It’s like no other because you not only get access to an incredible community, you also get my best divorce recovery tools delivered to your inbox every single month.  These are the tools from my one on one practice that are changing the lives of divorced women all over the world!

The sessions, guides, and tools inside of Phoenix Rising are founded on my proven Emotional Healing Formula for divorced women. 

Become a Divorce Coach

Have you risen from the ashes of divorce and now you are ready to give back to others trying to do the same?  Do you feel a calling in your soul to join a mission to ensure no woman will ever let the pain of divorce go to waste?  Do you want to help her to turn that pain into her greatest transformation instead?  If this sounds like you but you are not sure where to start, I’m here to help. I built this incredible business from scratch, doing ALL the things, and I can help you do the same.  My 5 Part System for starting and scaling a Divorce Coaching business can get you started immediately. If you’ve dreamed of making a living following your passion to help other divorced women – I’ve got you. 

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