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Rise from the Ashes of Divorce
and Never Look Back!

a note to all divorced women who feel like time
has yet to heal them ...

If you’re a divorced woman looking to finally heal, let go of the past, and thrive solo in a life you love then you already know that ...

  • You miss out on this precious life when you hold on to a past you can’t change…
  • You deserve an incredible life and you are worth so much more than letting this painful divorce define you … 
  • You have the strength and determination to push through, face the future, and feel happier in time… 
  • You can’t keep going on this way hurting, rehashing, and staying stuck.

You know you should heal and move on. You're trying to heal and move on

But even with the best of intentions, you are feel like you're taking one step forward and two steps back.

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

Relying on Determination and Distraction

You’ve started exercising, putting yourself out there, reading self help books, and maybe even spent months investing in therapy? Perhaps you’ve even signed up for an online dating site and initiated zero contact with your ex? And you find that keeping busy helps distract you from the memories and the hurt. You feel better temporarily. But, it’s a roller coaster.

Hanging on to The Life You'd Planned

You’re trying to embrace your new life, but it’s so hard to let go of how you thought life would be. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. You wonder what your family should be doing now on vacation. What holidays and celebrations should look like.  How you show up in the world single. It’s a struggle to accept the life you had planned has been changed.

Waiting for the Past to Change

You keep wanting your questioned answered.  You want to go back and understand. Perhaps you’re wondering how did we get here? And wishing that either you or your ex did something differently. You believe you’d be able to heal and be happier if you could just change the past. Perhaps even change your ex. You know that’s not possible. But it keeps you feeling stuck.

And ...

Things help. But it doesn't last.....
You're out 'doin you", feeling strong and all of a sudden it hits you again. The roller coaster ride feels endless.

So you keep trying ...

Unfortunately, the #1 Reason We Stay Stuck and in Pain for Way Too Long is ...

Thinking That Time Heals All

Well-meaning loved ones and friends have probably said to you time heals all wounds and this too shall pass. So I completely understand if you too believe that it’s time that will help you heal after divorce. I’ve been there, so I get it.  Because I’ve been there, I’d like you to consider for a moment that it isn’t time that heals the pain of divorce. And maybe it doesn’t have to take as much time as everyone told you it would. 

What if time wasn’t a factor at all? 

So let me ask you. Does every woman who has been divorced for years actually heal if they simply give it enough time? No.

If all we needed was time, then there would be no divorced women out there who are in pain for many many years after divorce. There wouldn’t be any divorced women running into their ex years later and still have it ruin their day. Or  a song makes them break down on their anniversary 5 years later.  

So if it’s not time that makes you heal and move on, what does?

It's What You Do With Time That Matters

What if you could....

Well You Absolutely Can ...

Introducing ...

The Most Comprehensive Monthly Divorce Support Group for Women ready to heal the wounds of divorce, let go of the past, and thrive solo in a life they love

You'll Learn How To...


So you’re more present in your life and not missing out on what Chapter 2 has to offer.


And come to terms with all that has happened so you can release lingering feelings of anger, guilt, or regret.


So you wake up with a smile, ready for the day ahead while being happy on your own.


So you feel good in your own skin to put yourself out there again with strength and confidence.


So you can end the roller coaster of emotions and put the past behind you.


So you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and celebrate your progress.

At three months I was laughing again ...

At three months I was laughing again and hopeful for the future. Throughout this program I felt more and more of the fog lift. I not only now look forward to what my future has to offer but in revisiting our work I wrote a huge list of what is now possible. It just came one after the other. I am very very thankful.

The tools have been such a life saver ...

You provided so many tools and understandings I never knew. Reprogramming my beliefs and the tools to help with the anxiety, depression and confusion has been such a life saver and has created so much in me I never ever knew existed!

Here's what's waiting for you inside ...


Online Coaching Session

Each month have the opportunity to receive powerful 1:1 Coaching in a group setting to keep on track with the proven Emotional Healing Formula (EHF) for divorced women.


Guided Reprogramming Journals

Receive a New Guided L.O.V.E. Process Reprogramming Journal each month based on Pillar 2 of the Emotional Healing Formula.


EFT (Tapping) Sessions

Heal and Release Old Wounds and Stuck Emotions with pillar two of the Emotional Healing Formula and a new Tapping Session Each Month.


Guided Hypnosis & Meditations

As part of the Pillar 1 of the Emotional Healing Formula, reprogram your mind for self belief, self confidence, peace of mind, and much much with a new meditation/hypnosis each month. 

PLUS, you get all of these INCREDIBLE BONUSES ...

BONUS WORKSHOP: 3 Critical Shifts for Healing Rejection, Reclaiming Self Worth & Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Learn the 3 Fundamental changes to make so you can experience the life changing impact of Unconditional Self Love.  When put into practice, guaranteed to create an unwavering love for yourself no matter how others treat you.  You’ll learn to put an end to seeking any validation outside of yourself so you can attract the love you deserve and never settle for less. 

($197 value)

BONUS BUNDLE PEACE MADE POSSIBLE: No matter where you are on the divorce journey

Get the tools directly related to calming the mind and creating peace – even if you are still in the middle of your divorce negotiations.  Stay Present Mindfulness Journal; Calm the Mind Hypnosis; Energy Protection Meditation; and Peace Magnified Tapping Session all included!

($97 value)

INSTANT MOOD BOOSTER BUNDLE: Raise Your Vibration Tools for the days you need it the most

Get the tools to boost your vibration (feel good emotions) so you can feel better instantly and throughout the day no matter what’s happening around you.


(a $97 value)

BONUS WORKSHOP: 3 Secrets to Better Divorce-Related Communications

In 17 years of practicing divorce law, Pilar Prinz has read – and often re-written – thousands of divorce-related emails and text messages.  In this 1 hour Workshop, she’ll share her top tips with you on how to reduce time and anxiety around divorce related communications. 

($197 value)

Private Online Support Community

Connect with other women who are going through the same, feel understood, supported and cheered on along the way.  You will also get daily access to me to get your questions answered.



(a $97 value)

Take A Peek Inside Phoenix Rising

You won't focus on time as a healing factor. Instead you focus on rewiring how you view your past experiences. ...

This permanent and effective way is how you can move on after divorce to erase the subconscious thoughts and emotional blocks.

This will all happen through the ...

Emotional Healing Formula

This Formula combines the proven results of Cognitive Behavior, Energy Healing, and Neuroscience to effectively expedite healing after divorce.

Here's why this Membership is different than anything out there ...

Most Divorce Healing Programs

  Have you analyzing, replaying, and reliving the past without tackling the root of all of your suffering – your programmed thoughts and emotions.

 Focus on the ex spouse and how to cope with not being able to change their behaviors and feelings.

Most support programs will have you following the same advice. Give it time. Put yourself out there. Talk it out. Take care of yourself. Well this isn’t like most programs. 


Are you ready to finally RISE from the Ashes of Divorce?

Join Phoenix Rising Now

and get ...

When you add it all up, that’s a value of almost $1300

But when you join today, you'll get access to everything for just:


Monthly installements


One annual installment
  • SAVE! (Annual Members Get 2 Months Free)
  • BONUS: Manifesting the Future You Desire

Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

Cancel Your Membership Any Time No Questions Asked.  I want you to be 100% confident when you join the Phoenix Rising Membership.

You’re protected with our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied, simply cancel your membership and it will not be renewed on the next renewal date (monthly or annually).  

Invest in it, try it, apply it. You’re backed by our 100% cancel any time guarantee.

I'm Dianah.

I’m no different than you. I’ve experienced the agony of divorce.  The feelings of anxiety, sadness, and worthlessness.  And the desperation to take the heartache away.

I just have a proven framework for letting go of the past and rising from the ashes that I discovered from my own divorce and now years of working with divorced women.   The Emotional Healing Formula is the most effective and permanent way to move forward after divorce, and if you join us inside, I will personally join you on the healing journey.

I’ve backed it all by science through my training in Subconscious Reprogramming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness Coaching Techniques.


Phoenix Rising is Perfect For You If....

Phoenix Rising is Not Right For You If...

Your program literally helped to raise me from my depths of despair ...

“Your program literally helped to raise me from my depths of despair. I now find I have a new brighter outlook on life, increased self confidence and self esteem. I have found a reason once again to smile, I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I now look forward to what life has to offer me...”

This is the best investment I've ever made ...

“This is the best investment I have ever made. I am happier with myself. I almost instantly secured a great new job at a salary higher than expected. I've let go of a boatload of regrets about past decisions I had made. The tools Dianah introduced to me have given me a greater sense of having control over my beliefs that have not been serving me. That alone is life-changing and the results are permanent.

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to answer these questions

What would it mean for you to wake up feeling stronger than ever and knowing you can do it all on your own?

What would be possible for you if you could feel at peace and present in your new life while no longer being triggered by the past?

How would your life change if you could accept how life turned out, stop obsessing about what happened, and let go of the need answers?

How powerful would it be to feel confident in your own skin and attract the love you deserve? 

Do you deserve to RISE FROM THE ASHES into a stronger, wiser version of you?

You can see the power of taking the right actions, with the right support system .. that is the power that’s within your grasp. The only thing you need is the willingness to believe in yourself and follow the step-by-step guidance delivered to you each month inside Phoenix Rising.

If you’re ready to have your life, peace of mind, and happiness back so you can get let go of the past, smile more, be present, and breathe easier, join us in Phoenix Rising.

Let’s do this together!


Check out frequently asked questions about the Phoenix Rising Membership to help you make the most aligned decision to support your healing journey.

The Phoenix Rising Membership is an online subscription for divorced women to support them in staying committed healing and thriving after divorce.  Every month you receive tools and techniques related to that month’s area of healing.  You’ll receive tools for healing feelings of rejection, loving yourself again, coming to terms with divorce, forgiveness, confidence and so much more!  You’ll also be a part of a supportive community in our private Facebook group and join me for online group coaching sessions with me each month. Plus you’ll get exclusive workshops, podcasts and monthly motivation challenges.

  • Monthly LIVE Coaching Session
  • New Guided EFT Session
  • New Guided Hypnosis/Meditation
  • New Guided Reflections Journal
  • Private, supportive Facebook Community
  • Bonus podcast episodes with step-by-step guidance
  • Bonus workshops, tools, technique

If you’d like to cancel your membership to Phoenix Rising, you simply cancel your subscription and you’ll no longer be charged when your monthly or annual subscription ends. You’ll continue to be able to access the Membership (including the private Facebook group) through the last day of your subscription.


I understand that it can be scary to invest time and money in yourself so I want you to join us when you know it’s for you.  So here who it’s not for: It’s not for you if ‘… you’re looking for a magic pill.  If you’re not ready to release the things holding you back.  This IS for you if you’re feeling stuck and you’re sick of giving so much power to the past. If you are 100% ready to move on and let go but just don’t fully know how, a membership in Phoenix Rising is for you. 

If you struggle to commit to yourself and feel confused about what to do to feel better, this membership is for you.  The Phoenix Rising Membership will give you the structure and guidance you need to stay on track.  Also, if you often feel alone on this journey, my monthly guidance and our incredible community of women will be just want you need. 

The time you put in is entirely up to you!  I will provide the tools at the beginning of each month so you can choose what works for you.  This isn’t a “program” so there’s no schedule to follow.  You can listen to the audios and do the exercises all on your own schedule.  Most audios will be 10 minutes or less so you can fit it in!  You may be shocked at how as little as 10 minutes a day can completely change your life. And even if life gets too busy, the tools are always there for you to come back to.  As you start committing to yourself, you’ll find that you want to give more and more time because it feels so good.  But until then, the time you give is up to you.  I will say however, you always get out of it what you put in.

Definitely! The Phoenix Rising Membership can deepen your healing and take your best self to the next level.  It will enhance your current daily routine and help you stay consistent. I’ve been on a path of self development for a long time and still get off track when days get busy.  And that’s why I created the membership.  To help women just like me to stay on track.  Feeling good is a practice not a destination.  So no matter where are on the healing journey, we can all use that extra structure and support

Can you really put a price on your well-being?  There are so many things that cost $27 a month – like one Starbucks coffee a week! But your health and happiness is priceless.  This is making a true investment in you.  If you don’t figure out how to reprogram the pain of the past, you’ll never truly move on and let go after your divorce. Even worse, you’ll be in danger of missing out on the incredible life you so deeply deserve! What’s the costs of not being fully present and enjoying your kids, siblings, parents, and loved ones. If your ex took years from you, don’t let him take another minute.  You are worth it. You life is worth it. Can you imagine coming to the end of your life, and regretting waiting so long to make a change and move on?  


  • Monthly Coaching with Dianah
  • Guided Reprogramming Journals
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Session(s)
  • Hypnosis/Meditation(s)
  • WORKSHOP: 3 Critical Shifts for Healing Rejection, Reclaiming Self Worth & Loving Yourself Unconditionally
  • Workshop - 3 Secrets to Better Divorce Related Communications
  • PEACE MADE POSSIBLE: No Matter Where You Are on The Divorce Journey BONUS BUNDLE
  • COMMUNITY Private Online Support Group


One Annual Installment
  • Monthly Support Sessions with Dianah
  • Guided Reprogramming Journals
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Session(s)
  • Hypnosis/Meditation(s)
  • WORKSHOP: 3 Critical Shifts for Healing Rejection, Reclaiming Self Worth & Loving Yourself Unconditionally
  • PEACE MADE POSSIBLE: No Matter Where You Are on The Divorce Journey BONUS BUNDLE
  • WORKSHOP - 3 Secrets to Better Divorce Related Communications
  • COMMUNITY Private Online Support Group
  • SAVINGS! (Annual Members Get 2 Months Free!)
  • ANNUAL MEMBER BONUS: Manifesting The Future You Desire Workshop
best value

Phoenix Rising Opens Again in January 2021!

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