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Heart Healing Hypnotherapy Audios

Enjoy my best Heart Healing After Divorce Reprogramming Audios


“The hypnosis alone is life changing, don't put it off.”


Self Love After Divorce

Deepen your love for you with this powerful hypnosis session. What you think, believe, and feel about yourself can profoundly impact your ability to heal and move forward after divorce. When you know your worth and what you deserve, you will continually make life choices that are aligned with your healing, peace of mind, and the highest version of you.

I AM Enough

With this transformational hypnosis, allow yourself to experience the certainty that you are enough.  Let yourself feel secure in knowing that no matter who you are with and no matter what happens outside of you, you are enough.

End Loneliness

When it comes to healing loneliness, less is more. Less distraction that is.  When you’re experiencing the ache of loneliness, it’s your body calling out for you.  For you to return to yourself. Spend this time reconnecting to you with this methodic hypnosis for ending loneliness.

Emotional Pain

Releasing the energy of stuck emotions and emotional pain, is a key ingredient to healing the heart after divorce. Listen in on this beautiful meditation to release any sadness that lingers.

Self Forgiveness

Feel compassion toward self like you would others.  Send love and healing from your eyes to the eyes of your self image.  And enjoy your experience of responding your own love and forgiveness. It’s time to let yourself of the hook and be kind to you.

Happiness After Divorce

Explore what’s possible after divorce and envision your future as the happiest version of you. With this uplifting hypnosis, reprogram your mind to work for your happiness, not against it. 

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