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In this episode I am sharing the truth of who you are. And most importantly, how to return to your natural state of peace and contentment after divorce.

In today’s episode we’re talking about how determination alone is not enough for releasing emotions like guilt, regret, sadness, anger, self doubt, and loneliness after divorce.  

I’ll be driving deep into the real reason we struggle to create the life we deserve and experience the peace we seek after divorce, no matter how determined we are. And exactly what to do about it.

I’ll also be sharing with you what it means to return to who you truly are to stop the struggle.  And how it’s a process of remembering, not rediscovering you, after divorce. 


  • Why you can’t rely on determination and willpower to change how you’re feeling after divorce
  • Why self love and peace of mind after divorce is not found in anything or anyone outside of you.  And how you’re much closer than you may think to experiencing it every day.
  • The most powerful practice you can do to tap into your natural state of self love, peace of mind, and contentment when you need it the most. 

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You’re Listening to the Returning to You Podcast, Episode #1.  

Can you relate to this… you have all the determination in the world to love yourself and to create a second chapter of life on your terms. And you are determined to drop the guilt, regret, anger, self doubt, loneliness and all the emotions triggered by divorce. 

You know you deserve a peace filled life, but you can seem to make permanent changes.


If you can related, here’s what this looks like from so many women that reach out to me.

They ask …


why do I still feel like I’m going to be alone forever? Why do I still question what was wrong with me that the marriage ended? Why is it that I still sabotage my new relationships? Why do I still struggle to let go of the picture of what my life was supposed to be? What is my purpose as I move forward? Who the hell am I if I am not a wife?


I get these questions and many more no matter where people are on the divorce journey.  If any of these questions sound familiar to you, you are in the right place.  And I want you to know …


It all comes back to same answer.  And that answer is exactly what I am diving in to in this very first episode so stay tuned.


So I won’t keep you in suspense… the reason why we struggle to create the life we deserve and experience the peace we seek after divorce, no matter how determined we are, is our programming.  


And that is exactly why this podcast is called Return to YOU. 



Return to you after divorce means returning to the woman you were born as before the programming. and if you are listening now and thinking what are you talking about the programming, here is what I mean by that.   First, know you were born as a clean slate, a blank canvas,  or even more simply, like an unprogrammed computer.   Just  like a computer taken out of the box with software programmed on it yet.


Consider that your mind is the part of you that holds the programming for that computer.  For all of you.  And this is critical for the work that I’ll share with you on this podcast so stick with me.  We have all received programming since the day we were born and throughout our life.  Most of our beliefs about ourselves, our life, and others happened before we were eight.  And get reinforced over our lifetime.


And the reason why this is so important to how you feel is this programming is running 90 to 95% of the show.  The barriers to your peace and your happiness after divorce is driven 90 to 95% by the programming inside of you. 

It breaks my heart to see divorced women struggling to feel worthy and know who they are outside of marriage.  To see them carry  feelings of guilt, regret, and self doubt.


And even years later repeat the same relationship patterns and miss out on creating the life that they deserve.


All of those questions that I get from divorced women that I mentioned at the very beginning of this podcast they all come from your programming. Their beliefs that lie in their subconscious mind are driving those feelings after divorce. 


and the truth is I have been there. I have experienced those feelings and more.  Through my subconscious reprogramming work,  I found a way out of those feelings. Truly the pain of my own divorce triggered my greatest transformation.  It allowed me to grow into the most peaceful version of me and frankly it’s become my greatest gift.   I’ve since taken this work to other divorce women and it’s helped change their lives as well.  Now I will be diving into this with you through this podcast.

Here is the foundation and this reality that can change your entire life. And if you’re multitasking right now come back to me because this is very important.


It’s knowing on the deepest level that you can’t others, the past, or much of life outside of you. 


You can, however, change how you think about it.  You can release the programming that robs you of peace and contentment.  This is so much more than positive thinking. You’ll find out in future episodes why positive thinking alone is a lot of wasted energy.


What I am really talking about here is getting to the core of your thinking = which is your programming.  Our automatic beliefs that that are now controlling our thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Knowing we cannot control our outer world, but we can absolutely control our inner world … that’s exactly the focus of this podcast.  Because I care about your peace of mind and only want to show you what works.

This is the most life-changing work I’ve ever done.  And believe me, I had tried it all.  With this work, I didn’t become a new person I returned to the person that loved myself. I was able to tap into my natural state of being of peace and contentment.  and let me tell you, I spent a lifetime in Ebbs and flows of anxiety and depression… And I certainly didn’t love any part of me.  I will talk about this further,  but I wanted to say I’m bringing this work to you from having experienced this work personally.  And from years now of helping other divorced women return home to themselves. 


So when you were born before the programming, that is your default setting.  I want you to hear me now, your default setting is unconditionally loving yourself.  And your natural state of being in the default setting is peace and contentment. Yes Believe It or Not peace is your natural state and you were born loving yourself. Both  is innate in you and part of Who You Are. As life happens, and you get farther away from that unprogrammed version of you, it’s more difficult to find your default setting. So this work to return to you is to help you easily tap into your default setting. That natural state of unconditional self-love, peace of mind, and contentment …. regardless of what’s happening outside of you.

I can’t think of anything more important for chapter 2 after divorce.  You want to be able to easily tap into that peace, and the part of you that loves yourself unconditionally and shows up as the truest version of you. The only thing that stands in your way, if you aren’t there yet, is your programming.


Okay to close the loop on this default setting let me give you a little example.  I want you to think about a young child that you love. Did you need to teach that child how to embrace the present moment? To experience Joy in the little moments of life like when a puppy runs by or they jump in the pothole.. 


Isn’t it true that you don’t need to teach or remind a child how to have fun, how to love without pride, and how to experience Joy. You don’t need to set a reminder for them to take care of their own needs. You don’t need to teach them to be true to themselves.


Think about that child who picks out their own clothes without worry about what others will think. Or the child bravely walks up to another child on the playground and proclaim they are friends.  They don’t think for a second about possible rejection.  What about that child who speaks exactly what’s on their mind much to our embarrassment.


We don’t have to teach young children how to be true to themselves and to love without judgment or fear of rejection. All of that is possible because that’s who they truly are.


that is their default setting. And that is your default setting because you were once that child before the programming.


How exciting is it to know that you can actually go back to that default setting. Because that’s who you were before the conditioning of life. And that goes for all of us.  Most of our programming happens before we are even eight years old.  


The default setting like a child, is who we are before we have beliefs that make us fearful to speak Our Truth. And make us forget how worthy and lovable we are. Before the beliefs that have us comparing ourselves to others, and fearful to live our lives as the truest version of ourselves.


Just as the child , Who We Are as our natural state of being is the person who loves the little things of Life, who knows how to be happy without effort, who gets lost in the little moments .  Who has no fear to love ourselves deeply and love others with abandon.


So please hear me when I say that to is the truest version of you. And this time after divorce is not about rediscovering yourself, it is about remembering yourself.  How beautiful is it to hold on to that… This time  it’s not about rediscovering you it’s simply about remembering you.  Remembering your default setting. Remember, you are not trying to become something that you are not.   You are already everything that you need to be.  You’re not trying to become happy.   You’re not trying become peaceful.  YOu’re not becoming something that you  aren’t already. you are returning to something that you already are.  


I know this may be different than you’ve heard in many many places. You know when the self-help books give you 5 steps to become happier or the five steps to self esteem.   I won’t be jumping in to give You the five steps to be happier.  I’ll be sharing steps to remove the programming that robs you of your happiness. And the five steps to release the programming that robs your peace of mind. That’s already innately within you.


I will bring you  tools, inspirations, and stories every week that help you reconnect to your default setting. That natural state of being of unconditional self-love, and peace of mind and contentment with what is.


So to get you started on this return to you, I’d love for you to take away these reflection questions. Think about these this week and next episode I will share with you my life changing four step process for easily releasing the programming.


  1. What’s one thing that I grew up believing about marriage or divorce that caused me pain on the healing journey?


  1. What’s one thing I used to believe, but I no longer do and it’s brought me peace to Let It Go.


  1. What is something that I do that doesn’t involve other people, that naturally bring me joy or peace of mind?


I Invite you to take some time with yourself and sit in reflection.  And when you’re ready, write your responses in a journal.  It’s these small daily actions that all add up to you living your best life.


Ok, there’s lots more to come.  I won’t stuff it all in episode 1. If you are ready to return to you – to the self loving, peaceful you that you were born as, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss an episode.  This could be the one thing that changes everything. 

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