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Release Painful Beliefs

Rewire your brain to let go of painful thoughts so you can accept how life turned out, stop obsessing about what happened, let go of the need answers, feel confident in your own skin and attract the love you deserve. You can rise from the ashes as the wisest, strongest version of you.

Heal Painful Emotions

Heal painful emotions so you can wake up feeling stronger than ever, knowing you can do it all on your own and feel at peace and present in your new life while no longer being triggered by the past. Experience the freedom to simply be you and live life on your own terms.

Take Powerful Action

Get off autopilot of pain and take action even when it’s hard, so you can wake up with a smile, excited about the future. Go to bed with peace of mind knowing that you'rel life no longer revolves around the past. And create the future you so deeply deserve.

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Get Clarity and Guidance

Get clarity and guidance on how to BREAK FREE from painful programming so you can move forward powerfully and more easily. No more using distraction and determination to get over your divorce. Know exactly what to do so you can focus only on what works to let go and feel better permanently.

Release the Painful Beliefs and Stuck Emotions

Release painful beliefs and heal trapped emotions so you can calm the nervous system and optimize healing after the often traumatic event of divorce. Expect to let go of the past, be fully present in today, and confidently move forward into the future.

Move on and Become a Happier You After Divorce

Get unstuck, come to terms with your divorce, and love yourself again. Get the life you deserve where you feel happier, have more peace of mind, and have an unshakeable belief in yourself and your worth.

I’m no different than you. I’ve experienced the agony of divorce.  The feelings of anxiety, sadness, and worthlessness. 

I just have a proven framework for letting go of the past and creating an incredible life solo.  I discovered it from my own divorce and now years of working with divorced women. 

I’ve backed it all by science through my training in Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Subconscious Reprogramming, and Mindfulness Techniques.


- Dianah Johnson

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