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Return to You
after divorce

Are you a woman who doesn't want to be defined by divorce? And you're done giving your power over to the past?

Return to YOU Program

Remember Who You Are and What You’re Worth After Divorce

Deepen Your Love for You

Rewire your mind for deep unconditional Self Love so you can feel confident in your own skin, validate your worth internally, let go of comparing yourself to others, honor your own needs and attract the love you deserve. You can rise from the ashes as the most peaceful, self loving, and truest version of you.

rebuild your independent identity

Heal painful emotions from past relationship patterns, trust yourself deeply knowing you can do it all on your own and feel at peace and present in your new life while no longer being triggered by others. Experience the freedom to simply be you and live life on your own terms.

experience greater peace of mind

Get off autopilot and take independent actions forward, so you can wake up with a smile, excited about the future. Go to bed with peace of mind knowing that you are living your version of your best life and creating the future you so deeply deserve.

See Why Clients Say "This
Work is Lifechanging!"

Start to thrive like you never have before ...

At three months I was laughing again...

My confidence has risen, I have become single, unique, and whole.

I have not been triggered by my beliefs, shame, and thoughts ..."

This work is life altering...

Literally helped raise me from the depths of despair ..."

Dianah has helped me so much to be able to move forward...

The tools are life changing ..."

Dianah's approach to retraining your brain brings freedom and peace"

...has been vitally important in my healing from divorce"

Included in our journey together ...

One on One Support Sessions

10 Weekly, Private, One-On-One Coaching Sessions With Dianah.  PLUS Email Support in between sessions. As your guide, my job is to help you uncover and remove the subconscious blocks to deep self love and self discovery.  In our one on one sessions, we dive into the fears and mindset that may be getting in the way of you having the life you desire after divorce.   I will challenge you to release the programming that is not aligned to deep self love and living the truest version of you.  I specialize in helping divorced women deepen their most important relationship – the one they have with themselves.  

Return to You
Rapid Reprogramming Journal

Rewire your brain to Release Painful Beliefs

Return to YOU
Rapid Reprogramming Audios

Reprogram your mind for self belief, self confidence, self love, and much more with the Return to YOU Rapid Reprogramming Bundle.

Return to YOU
Rapid Reprogramming (Tapping) Sessions

Heal and Release Old Wounds and Stuck Emotions with the Return to YOU Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Bundle

Deepen the most important relationship you will ever have ...


Uncover the person you were before your marriage and a lifetime of programming.


Peel away the layers of subconscious programming to return to the most self loving, peaceful version of you.


Align your life and relationships so you can embrace the freedom to be you and live life on your terms.

Everything begins and ends with you. 

Once you know you, and truly love you …

anything is possible. 

Please note: This is a FREE no obligation call to determine if we will work together.  It is not a free Coaching Session. Serious inquiries only.

I’m no different than you.  I have experienced the agony of divorce and the resulting feelings of anxiety, self doubt, worthlessness, and so much more.  I just have a proven framework for releasing the programming that painfully gets triggered by divorce so you can return to you.  I discovered it from my own divorce and now years of working with divorced women.

I’ve backed it all by science through my training in Subconscious Reprogramming, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, and Mindfulness Techniques.



Dianah Johnson

Subconscious Reprogramming Specialist, Mindfulness Teacher, EFT Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist

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