Moving On After Divorce is Hard. Let Me Make It Easier For You.

What's Your Path to a


A customized plan for a happier you after divorce is just minutes away! Release what's holding you back and get ready to unleash your next chapter!

Are you struggling to move on since your divorce?

  • Feeling lonely and like you're just not good enough?
  • Constantly getting triggered by the actions of others?
  • Scared to set boundaries and put yourself first?
  • No idea who you are outside of that relationship?
  • Weighed down by anger, guilt, or regret?
  • Missing out on life because you're lost in your head?
  • Wondering if you can make it on your own?
  • Feeling stuck in the past?


Sadness, Anger, Fear and Being Stuck After Divorce is a Result of Your Programming

Does it feel like you just can’t catch a break? No matter what you do, you can’t move on from your divorce. You try hard to change how you’re feeling, but nothing seems to last. Meanwhile, you see others living happy and successful after divorce. I want you to know – it’s NOT your fault. It’s years of programming  from mostly the first 5 or 6 years of your life.  You’ve built deep subconscious beliefs. 

Change Your Programming, Change Your Life

Your painful programming from childhood holds you back from releasing sadness, anger, fear. It limits you from creating the new life you deserve.  You know, those thoughts that say you’re not good enough, won’t make it on your own, and don’t deserve to find love again. The programming that keeps you stuck and scared. Although you’ve tried to feel good again, your subconscious mind is holding you back and keeps triggering the past. To get rid of painful and sabotaging beliefs you must change the programming. Then you can create the life you want after divorce effortlessly.


The System to Release the Past and Be Happier Than Ever After Divorce.

Imagine what it feels like to finally release the past and create the life of your dreams. How would it feel to be confident and courageous? To have a vision for your future and actually act on it without fear? Have a mindset that makes you resilient and strong? Are you ready for this? – ask yourself, am I willing to accept feeling like I do right now for the rest of my life? My Rapid Reprogramming Technique (RRT) can change how you think, feel, and act so you can have the incredible life you deserve after divorce!

Rapid Reprogramming Technique (RRT)

Founded in Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Sciences and Neurolinguistic Programming, we will reprogram the subconscious habits that are keeping you sad and stuck after divorce. 

thought release

Identify and reprogram the painful thoughts that are keeping you stuck, causing you fear, and making you sad

emotion release

Identify and reprogram the lingering painful emotions so you feel at ease, and stop getting triggered.

behavior release

Reprogram old behaviors and take new actions to let go of the past, be  present in today, and confidently move forward 

From My Clients ...

Instead of wallowing in the woes of being a victim, I now have a toolbox to reframe the way I think about almost every challenge I've been facing (or not facing!). I am happier with myself. I almost instantly secured a great new job at a salary higher than expected. I've let go of a boatload of regrets about past decisions I had made. The tools Dianah introduced to me have given me a greater sense of having control over my beliefs that have not been serving me. That alone is life-changing and the results are permanent.
Martha T
Colorado, USA
Our work changed my life. I now see that just because I think it, doesn't make it true and what happened has nothing to do with me! And honestly I can't believe the ex doesn't trigger me anymore. I feel like a new woman. But Dianah taught me, I'm not new, I'm the old me before the programming! Yes!

Becky H
South Carolina, USA
I've never felt this good before. With the tools I learned in this program, I always have a way to feel peaceful in my back pocket. Before this program, I was afraid of just about everything I had to do alone. Now I'm excited and feel strong and confident to do it all! Thanks to Dianah I'm starting to believe the best really is left to come!

Sandra B
Sedona, USA

Working with Dianah literally helped to raise me from my depths of despair. I desperately needed some concrete assistance to continue on with my life that I was quickly losing hope for. After a number of weeks of one on one coaching I now find I have a new brighter outlook on life, increased self confidence and self esteem. I have learned many tactics to assist me in various personal challenges of my past, current and future life. I have found a reason once again to smile, I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I now look forward to what life has to offer me...
my family thanks you for giving them back their mom, sister and grandmother.

Kim S
Ontario, Canada

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Receive powerful weekly healing assignments, transformational weekly coaching, and an incredible support community of women dedicated to being happy after divorce.


Release the painful thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck, causing you fear, and making you sad. Take action to let go of the past, be fully present in today, and confidently move forward into the future.


Reprogram the Subconscious habits keeping you stuck. A New Life Designed. To Feel Happier. To Have Peace of Mind. To Feel Good Enough. To Let Go and Move On.

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